our mission

Decent Company is a New York-based collective dedicated to the advancement of the theatrical writer/performer.

The Company seeks to accomplish this objective in three ways.

First, we seek to provide a channel through which early career writer/performers can develop and perform new work. We are fed up with submitting constantly to “new work festivals” of varying degrees of competence and quality in the hopes of receiving a small modicum of exposure. We will furnish our members with performance opportunities that hold all involved to a consistently high artistic and professional standard.

Second, we seek to build an audience interested in solo performance and vested in our writer/performers. We will become an unparalleled destination for cutting-edge new theatre, leveraging our audience to drive traffic to Company members’ individual endeavors, both within and outside of the Company.

Third, we seek to cultivate a strong core ensemble of writer/performers who collaborate with and support each other in their artistic pursuits. Working as a writer/performer can be a lonely, often adversarial business. By encouraging camaraderie and open creative collaboration, the Company will be an invaluable support system for its members.