production history

Decent Company August: loyalty

Sunday, August 28, 2016 at The Tank

Teenage heartbreak, a tyrannical leader, a man with seemingly arbitrary allegiances, and the Biblical patriarch Abraham himself.

The show was emceed by Eliza Martin Simpson, and the pieces were:

Prom Sucks: A Love Story by Mike Axelrod, directed by Kathleen Amshoff
Doctor Mao by Ying Ying Li, directed by Daniela Hart
A Family by Brian Alford, directed by Erin Daley
Faith by Matt Barbot, directed by Josh Boerman

Decent Company June: secrets

Monday, June 21, 2016 at JACK

Stories of love, loathing, torrid affairs, and mortifying confessions. Also, a glass jar containing decades of secrets.

Photographs by Jenn Haverkamp

The show was emceed by Jack Gilbert, and the pieces were:

My Love Has Secrets by Eliza Martin Simpson, directed by Becky Baumwoll
The Augean Stables by Kristan Seemel, directed by A.J. Ditty
Jar by Kerry Kastin, directed by Eli Taylor
Grayscale by Anne Huston, directed by Brian Alford
I Didn’t Tell You That by Charly Evon Simpson, directed by Illana Stein
Return to Sender by Cristina Pitter, directed by Frank Winters

Decent Company April: beginnings & endings

Monday, April 18, 2016 at The Cobra Club

A struggling new standup comic, a heartbroken Greek goddess, a reclusive writer, a gregarious phantom, and the founder of a billion dollar company.

Photographs by Scott Fetterman

The show was emceed by A.J. Ditty, and the pieces were:

Hostile by Josh Boerman, directed by Dave Monteagudo
The Standup Virgin by Caitlin Crombleholme, directed by Paul Morris
Aphrodite Has Fallen in Love by Neil Redfield, directed by Jake Beckhard
Orion by Marlowe Holden, directed by Nora Ives
Exclusive Event: Book Signing and Reading with New York Times Bestselling Author Alden Linder Introducing His Next Book “Devolution” at the Ladue Crossing Barnes & Noble, St. Louis, MO by Brian Alford, directed by Ellie Sachs

Decent Company February: LUST

Sunday, February 15, 2016 at Jimmy’s no. 43

The true story of a boy losing his virginity to an Air Hogs pump, an anime fan enjoying an evening with his waifu, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles sex dreams, memories of a perfectly wrong relationship, a burlesque extravaganza, and a special guest appearance by the god of lust himself.

Photographs by Jenn Haverkamp

The show was emceed by Cristina Pitter and Neil Redfield, and the pieces were:

Guest Lecturer: Eros by Neil Redfield, directed by Inés Braun
An Air-Pump Named Desire by AJ Ditty, directed by Jack Gilbert
Me and My Shadow by Brian Alford, directed by Josh Boerman
porn at grandma’s house by Rachel Yong, directed by Megan Weaver
Little Cold Splashes by Leemore Malka, directed by Ellie Sachs
FEVER by Cristina Pitter, directed by Matt Bovee w/ piano accompaniment by Tommy Bernardi

Early workshops

Prior to officially being established in November 2015, Decent Company produced two workshops of new plays written by company members. These workshops were:

Romantics Anonymous by Matt Barbot
Sunday, September 20, 2015 at The Drama League

Directed by Josh Boerman

Featuring Cristina Pitter, Jeremy Rafal, Caitlin Crombleholme, John Paul Harkins, Marlowe Holden, Brandon Johnson, Leemore Jacqueline Malka, Jack Gilbert, and Rachel Yong

Mea Culpa by Jack Gilbert
Sunday, April 12, 2015 at Stage Left Studios

The government has passed a law that makes it legal to kill yourself. But first you have to stand in front of a courtroom full of people telling you anything they’ve ever wanted to say. When everything has been said, what remains?

Directed by Josh Boerman

Featuring Jimmy Dailey, Leemore Malka, Megan Brown, Matt Stango, Ryan Stinnett, Jonathan Huggins, and Mariette Strauss